Best Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands!

Best Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands

For the perpetually stylish man, the prospect of the standard plain gold ring as a wedding band can seem rather stifling. Luckily, the selection of wedding bands for men currently on the market is so large and varied that it is entirely possible to find a ring that is classic enough to serve as a wedding band, yet offers a distinct fashionable flair that reflects today’s modern trends. Here are four types of wedding bands for men that are versatile enough to double as fashion statements.

Black rings. One of the hottest trends in men’s wedding bands right now, black rings are a sleek alternative to standard metallic colors like gold and silver. Black wedding bands for men can come in a variety of materials, though the most commonly seen are ceramic, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel and silver. For those who want black in their wedding band but don’t want to commit to a fully black ring, blackened or oxidized accents are also popular options, and black diamonds can similarly add an ebony accent. Because black is such a neutral color, black wedding bands for men can pair with virtually any ensemble. There’s no doubt that when it comes to men’s rings, black is the new black.

Two tone rings. For those who simply can’t decide between band colors, mixed metal wedding rings are the perfect solution. These particular men’s rings also offer a surprising dash of versatility, as matching to other everyday accessories like watches becomes less of a concern. The most commonly seen color combination, of course, is a silver toned metal paired with yellow gold, though rose gold accents can also be seen with one or both colors as well. Another mixed metal combination worth considering pairs a contemporary material like tungsten or titanium with yellow gold,  as the gunmetal grey of these materials is particularly striking when offset by the richness of yellow gold. This can also allow those with lower budgets to have a touch of luxury in their wedding rings.

Men’s diamond rings. No longer are diamond rings only for brides – men’s diamond rings have grown immensely in popularity in the last 15 years. In addition to the standard white diamonds, black diamonds are considered to be a particularly masculine option for wedding bands for men. The styles of men’s diamond rings can vary from contemporary to traditional: from a single off-center single diamond accent to the classic eternity band. A particularly fashion forward take on the diamond eternity ring is the reverse eternity band, where a metallic center is framed by diamond encrusted edges.

Patterned and inlaid rings. A little extra texture or design is a fast way to enliven wedding bands for men. Some popular design elements include Mokume gane, carbon fiber inlays, enamel overlays and wood inlays. Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese method of layering metals for a subtle yet eye-catching swirling pattern, and was originally used in the production of samurai swords. Both carbon fiber inlays and enamel overlays add a touch of color to men’s rings that can be as neutral as black or as bold as bright blue or orange. Wood inlays add a rugged yet sophisticated appeal to wedding bands for men, and exotic wood inlays (like Koa) are especially popular.

In some ways, these contemporary bands can be considered the “new traditional.” Not only do these multi-faceted rings offer an undeniably stylish look, but they are classic enough to stand the test of time as men’s wedding bands.

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