Through The Bride’s Eyes ~ A Wedding Planners Wedding!

I have been busy this week!

First off, although we had finished the men’s boutonniere’s a while back, I was unsure how to proceed with the women’s (for our mom’s and grandma’s.) I was undecided partly because it will be cold outside, so a traditional corsage around the wrist could get ruined when putting on and taking off a jacket. Beyond this, I wanted to use the leftover feathers and artificial items that we had on hand so that they didn’t immediately die or discolor when exposed to the cold (like some flowers would.) Another challenge was to make a pin-on “corsage” without it looking like the men’s version of the boutonniere – I wanted to add a feminine touch to the women’s version! What better way to do this then with lace! I happened to come across a great DIY tutorial last week when doing some related research and it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, when I tried to make a flower out of lace, the scale was too large because I used too wide of lace, so I opted to turn the “flower” into a “fan,” added some feathers and some pearls, and TA-DA!! These beauties will be for our mom’s and our grandma’s and they will tie in beautifully with the feather boutonniere’s we already completed for the men! :D Upon completion, one of my bridesmaids and I decided that these would make BEAUTIFUL fascinators as well – they were definitely inspiration for our fascinator making party!

I also made a “sign” out of old books that I purchased at a second hand store. This will go on the guest book table by our “guest book.” Our guest book will be framed vinyl records whereby our guests can sign the record with a white sharpie. I made a background for the record out of old book pages and sheet music that we printed off of the internet. I tea-dyed the new pages to make them look old. I think it will be the perfect backdrop to the records!

I washed all of our vases that I collected over the last year and gave them to our florist for our centerpieces. My girls and I also had a fascinator/birdcage crafting get-together for our hair. We used the same materials that were used in the men’s and women’s versions of the boutonnieres. They turned out quite beautifully. I intend to wear a birdcage veil but only made the fascinator part of my hairpiece because I have not had my hair trial yet, and I’m not sure which direction/angle to cut the netting – it completely depends on how my hair is styled! My hair trial is next week, so I will be able to finish it soon! It incorporates my grandmothers brooch – very sentimental! And I will likely slightly alter it over the next two weeks because that is the way that I work best (until I am completely satisfied with it!)

Lastly, I made the cutest cake toppers! I found a blog that outlined a DIY cake topper made from a doily! The materials were simple, so I had them all on hand and it literally took me five minutes to complete (plus a day to let them dry). They are so cute!. My photo definitely doesn’t do this justice – but the link does! Check it out!




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