Sean Philips Cinematographer, A Moving Picture Studios

If I'd have know how much work it actually takes to plan a wedding, I would never have even thought of planning my own. It put pressure on all our relationships and seemed to be a never ending series of decisions, negotiations and compromises, all of which made it almost impossible to really enjoy the day.

If your pipes are leaking, you call a plumber. When you have a toothache, you call the dentist. If you are planning a wedding, call Madeline's. They are the experts. They have the friendliest staff, loads of great ideas, years of experience and the know-how to make your celebration totally stress free. When Madeline's team plans your wedding you can just get on with enjoying it. Its supposed to be a celebration after all!

As a cinematographer, I get excited whenever I shoot a Madeline's wedding. From the flowers, to the linens, to the lighting, its always a feast for the eye. Impeccable design and exquisite taste are the hallmarks of every Madeline's wedding I have shot. Knowing that the day's events are perfectly organized also gives me the freedom to be as creative as I love to be, without worrying that anything is missing.

Every bride has the dream of her perfect wedding. Madeline's Weddings has everything you need to make it a reality.



Teresa Cotroneo

Once upon a time, when there weren’t a lot of companies providing linens for weddings, there was Madeline’s.  The quality of service as well as variety of product and ability to come through with whatever couples dreamed of impressed me immediately.  Through the years, it’s been a pleasure to watch the company grow into a complete one-stop event planning organization.  My experiences have always been very good with Madeline and her staff.  When couples who have had their receptions at the Caboto Centre work with Madeline’s Weddings, they have always been very happy and the reception decor always looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves next!  You won’t be disappointed!  




Meghan Fowler, Blue Bird Creative

Madeline’s Weddings is an enormous asset to any couple planning their wedding. There are dozens of reasons why I recommend them to you – as someone who once planned a wedding and knows how much work it is I can tell you that their planning work will be invaluable to a couple, but also as a photographer, participating with them in the goings-on of the wedding day, I have seen first hand how the quality of their work really takes a wedding to the next level.
I have a few key goals when photographing a wedding. Of course, I want to produce fabulous and authentic photographs that capture the essence of the day and the essence of the couple. But in addition to this, my desire is to help make the bride and groom’s day memorable in both photographs and in the actual minute-to-minute experience of the day. I like to be organized, and come with ideas and a flexible plan. Wherever it’s in my control, I want to facilitate a smooth, joyous, relaxing, fun, romantic time. This goal of mine is perfectly in line with what the fine people at Madeline’s Weddings do! Their planning is impeccable, and in my experience, they execute the details of décor and scheduling with skill and excellence, cooperating with everyone involved to bring to life the vision of the bride and groom. In so doing, they make my job that much easier and more enjoyable, and most importantly, help to give the bride and groom a glorious and celebratory day – a wonderful start to their marriage! They are sincere and lovely people to work with, and deal with unexpected turns of events (like an incoming storm during an outdoor wedding!) with confidence and calm.
I am so impressed with Madeline’s Weddings, and genuinely cannot wait to work with them again!

Kaely Wiebe

Lots of people have told me that planning their wedding is one of the most stressful things they have ever done. This seems so backwards to me, because your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – and no one can truly enjoy themselves when they are stressed out!  Just by watching Madeline and her staff work with the couples and their families, you can see how big of a load she is taking off their shoulders. Madeline works with the couple’s vision for their special day, and turns them into reality. The first time that Madeline did an event at Pineridge Hollow, I came into work and barely recognized the facility that I spend hours in every day. Since that day, I have recommended Madeline to couples who are looking to make their day uniquely fabulous – without having to do all the work themselves!

I have worked with her on multiple occasions and have always been impressed with her flexibility, creativity, and expertise. Nothing is too big of a problem to conquer, and she does it while keeping a reassuring smile on her face.

If you want to truly enjoy planning and celebrating the best day of your life, let the Fairy Godmother of Weddings, Madeline, help you make your dreams come true!


Danny Kramer

It is a pleasure to work on an event that Madeline’s Weddings has planned. Every detail is looked after. It makes our job so much easier as every facet of the event is planned almost to the minute. She and her staff are as focused on all the details as an air traffic controller, yet with the eye and flair of an artist.

She can take a very basic looking room and change it into a spectacular environment. I have never seen one of her rooms look the same way twice.

I definitely recommend Madeline’s Weddings and Events, and while we have worked with her extensively in the past, I look forward to working even more with her and her wonderful staff in the future.


Dwayne Larson

Madeline's is one of the hardest working wedding planners in Winnipeg. When a bride is deciding on a wedding planner it is always important to be able to feel comfortable and confident in who you will be trusting with one of the most important days of your life. Madeline's time and time again has shown me that she has the team to do this so not even the smallest detail is over looked. I love working with all these ladies because they are calm, cool, collected and I know that IF anything should ever go wrong someone will be there to make sure it gets fixed. I am looking forward to many more years of shooting Madeline's planned weddings.

Curtis Carlson ~ Curtis Carlson Photography

You have come to the right place.  Madeline's weddings does what every good photographer does... make your wedding day effortless, fun and relaxed!  The attention to detail they bring to your day and the time dedicated to ensuring all goes smoothly will make you wonder if maybe you should have done the planning yourself.  But, don't be mistaken.  Beneath the smooth running operation that is Madeline's weddings lies the experience and personal dedication to make what can be complete chaos come together into the most beautiful day you could imagine in even your most vivid dreams.  I can personally attest to the warmth and genuine friendly attitude they bring to every wedding.  Their enthusiasm knows no bounds.  No matter how big or how small your wedding may be, a professional planner will be able to answer all your questions and ensure everything is taken care of... and I mean all the things you would and could not know to ask. (They have been there... lots... and nothing escapes their attention and direction.)  While you could take the time to plan your wedding yourself, why when you can simply ask Madeline to take care of it for you so you can focus on what's important that day; the love for your husband to be and the life you will make together in the future.  So sit back, relax, and let Madeline take care of your wedding day so you can simply enjoy it.  And, when that perfect moment arrives and all about you goes still as you reflect on everything in your life that brought you to this man and your wedding day, you will be glad you did not miss it having to take care of caterer's, flowers, music man, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Don't miss that perfect moment of reflection... let  Madeline's weddings allow it to happen and become the most precious memory of your life.


William Au Photography

It's always a pleasure to work at an event that's being coordinated by Madeline's Weddings.  You can expect your big day to be well-organized and all the details to be looked after carefully.  Moreover, Madeline and her staff are able to pull everything together while remaining discrete and keeping the atmosphere light and friendly.


Aime Laroque ~ Aime's Music Service

Having been apart of the local Winnipeg DJ Industry for 25 plus years I have had the opportunity to be apart of many couples special day. During that time I have heard of, and even seen some of the horror stories that a couple can encounter when planning a Wedding. In the past few years my company and Madeline's have been fortunate to work together in ensuring that the event we were apart of was nothing short of perfect. Madeline and staff will not only go out of their way to be sure you are satisfied, but they do it with a smile on their face and in a professional manner. I think this is all pretty evident as not too long ago Madeline and staff won the Bride's Choice Award for 2010. Know that when you put your big day in the hands of Madeline and Staff, expect nothing short of class, professionalism, and all around great people.


Rhonda Boileau

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, but as we all know it takes a lot of planning and hard work, which can at times take its toll on a couple.
Madeline’s Weddings are an excellent group of people to help you with all the details from big to small. They seem to treat each wedding as if it is their own.
I’ve worked with Madeline’s on quite a few weddings and each one is always beautiful and unique.  I had an opportunity to deliver cakes to the same venue two weekends in a row.  One weekend was a wedding that Madeline’s had planned, the other was not.  It was like being in a different room.  Madeline’s set up was breathtaking, from the beautiful candles and flowers on the head table to the centerpieces and chair covers at each table.
Keep up the great work.

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